Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

10 May 2012

Calling In The One

Calling in The One
By Katherine Woodward & Claire Zammit

You have a vision
For your most fulfilling
radiant and soulful love
For a partner
You can walk through life with
And who can lean into
For comfort and support

This love is possible for you
Calling it into your life right now
Doesn't have to be a struggle
It may have been in the past
Desiring your soulmate
Shouldn't be a disappointing
or frustrating experience

Because you are a conscious
and awakening person
You have so much to give
And if you are here right now
It means that
You are ready to activate
Your most magnetic
and open-hearted self

You are willing
To do the work
And clear the blocks
So that you can finally attract
your soulmate and life partner
The rock-steady best friend
Your most ecstatic cheerleader
The One who will stand
As your spiritual partner
And significant half

You have probably done
A lot of development and transformation
work on yourself
Yet somehow
The kind of deep love
You are looking for
Eludes you
- which could be frustrating

Continuing the search
Can begin to feel like an empty pursuit
With disappointment
As its only destination
You may feel lost or confused
And wondering if you have done something wrong
Missed the boat
Or (most frightening of all)
that something is wrong with you

Imagine being with your Soulmate in 2012
and experiencing the joy of sharing the simple pleasures
and great adventure of life together

Can you imagine
How life would look and feel different this year
when you could live it with
your truest partner by your side?

I am ready for love
I choose this as my destiny

It's important to
Release past pattern
that have kept love
from taking root in your life
So you can move forward
And create new
healthy patterns
To allow love
To flow freely
Into your life

It's equally important to
Create an extraordinary life
As the foundation for attracting
an extraordinary love
You have only dreamed about

And last
To anchor your vision
To fully receive
And welcome
A fulfilling relationship
Without letting the past
limit your future

Calling In 'The One'
To identify and release the hidden barriers to love
And become irresistibly magnetic to your Soulmate
Welcome to this new world
New language
New space of love
With willingness and openness
Calling in 'The One'
In true love

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