Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Is a very special day
Happy Mother's Day
For my beloved mama
I am thinking of you
I am missing you

It has been almost 6 years 
You are making a transition to a new world
Your unconditional love and support
Has been the greatest gifts of all

You have showered a big family
With all you know best
With all you do best
With all you love best
We love you

I am sorry
Please forgive me
For my mistakes
For my wrong doings
For my selfishness
For my pursuit of dream
For my lack of time being together

Your recent visit 
Has brought me a thrilling message
I am missing you
I am thinking of you
You are my guardian angel
You are watching over me
You are protecting me
You are loving me

To this special day
I am thinking of you
I am missing you
I love you

In appreciation 
And absolute healing
Today I dedicate for you
My beloved mama
And all the beautiful women in the world

May you continue to
Opening your heart
Loving yourself
Loving unconditionally
Nurturing instincts
To your emotional freedom
And spiritual well-being

May you be blessed with 
Stronger capacity to love
When you have given it all

May you find strength 
and unprecedented dignity
To be a role model 

May you find your life path
To shine inside out

May you be loved
And fully accepted
For who you truly are

May you feel love
In everyday's life

May you leave a mark for love
Making this world a better place

I miss you mama
Very much
I love you

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