Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 May 2012

Writing for Directors' Message

Message From Directors

‘Unless you build your business into a brand,
 you will never have the Midas Touch.’

Since the last issue,
'A Little Black Book'
has become a sensation
of fine collection series.
It's one of its kind.
It's indeed a breakthrough.

We are grateful
for your active involvement
and genuine feedback.
This has allowed us
to be innovative
to re-imagine
to re-create
to manifest
what we are passionate about
and turn it into market leadership.

In this issue,
we believe you will deeply appreciate
what has contributed to the Midas Touch
of every legendary brand or company
that is well polished through
pure passion and purpose
in creating a new level of brand experience
to the marketplace.

Every legend starts with great story.
You may find Midas Touch with:
1)     Crystal Cruises: Luxury Dining Experiences Defined by Distinct Choice
2)     Prime Cruise Asia: Dream The Impossible Dream
3)     Paspaley Pearls: The World's Most Beautiful & Precious Pearls
4)     IFL: Pure Passion for France and Living the art de vivre Lifestyle
5)     S.T.Dupont: 140 years Hand Crafted French Excellence for the Elite
6)     etc Wine Shops: Unique Wine Shopping Experience
7)     Brooks Brothers: Brand Story of An American Icon
8)     Awesome Villas: Simply The Most Awesome Villas in Phuket
9)     J.P.Cam Jewelry: Business by Appointment Only
10)  One Minute Presenter: Executive Presence Boosts Brand Experience
11)  Janet Lau: A True Passion for Yoga Leading to Joy & Happiness Within
12)  Martin Lindstrom: The Worlds Largest Social Media Experiment

We continue to strive
to grow this passionate community
who are just as hungry for practical 'Best Practices' as you
to take your business to the next level.

Life is too short indeed.
Focus only on
what you love and passionate about
and turn it into power and Midas Touch!

Sidney Yuen
Ronnie Ng

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