Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 May 2012

A Little Black Book on Midas Touch

Managing Editor's Letter

Best Practice in Midas Touch
-       Taking You and Your Business
to the Extraordinary

Dear Best Practice Seekers

Deep down you really know
who you are.

You are a kindred spirit.
You have discovered within yourself
the brilliance,
the genius,
the captivating soul of an entrepreneur;
To be of purpose.
To explore the endless opportunities that abide in the world.
To color the world lavishly
from a palette of your own choice,
where creativity is honored,
respected, nourished,
and yes, even loved.

Above all else ~
You are the Midas Touch of your brand.
You are exactly what your brand needs.
You are the essence of it.
You have the ability to put together
turning a concept into an idea that works.
You are stunningly alive.

Every point of interaction is an opportunity
to articulate why you are doing what you do,
to deliver brand promise, 
to live your brand spirit, 
and to create new way of 
experiencing your brand essence.

Your passion
has revolutionized the industry and business practice.
It has enabled people and companies
to seize on the opportunities
to its international prominence.
It's your Midas Touch
about creating a brand experience that
aspires to enrich the human spirit.

I know ~
You are a chance to tell stories.
You are a chance to reinforce purpose.
You are a chance to be part of the culture.
You are a chance to create and touch lives. 
You are a chance to live your passion.
You are the Midas Touch of your new experience.
And you want to leave a mark ~
Taking you and your business
to the Extraordinary!

To your greater Midas Touch!

Bengie Mont
Managing Editor
BPM Events Director
Best Practice Management 
+(852) 9465 8528
Skype: bblueoceze

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