Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

31 May 2012

Remembering Mama

Is a special day 
I am missing mama
Very much
Of course I remember your love
This marks the 7th Anniversary
That you are making a transition to a new dimension 
Your unconditional love remains intact
I am just missing everything about you

My dearest mama
May you know that
There is always a special place in my heart
Remembering your love
Remembering you

As I write
I am crying really hard
Remembering the beauty of your love
My heart is in deep pain
Still in deep grief missing you
Losing you 
As if I am losing a big part of me
Like a butterfly with broken wings 
It's never been easy
But I am coping
I am breathing deep 
One at a time
Day by day
Week by week
Month by month
Live for deeper purpose
Live for deeper passion
Live for deeper love 
Live for deeper joy

You always reminded me
Life ~
It's not about outer success
It's not about achievement
It's not about wanted more of more
The ultimate life question
Always come back to
Am I happy
Am I alive
Do I live passionately
Do I love deeply

You have lived your life fully
With deep love
With unconditional love
With unstoppable love and passion
With extraordinary love story
With meaningful love & life
It's a legend
I am very proud of you

This has been the hardest 
For the last 7 years
I am coping 
I am breathing deep
One at a time
The only difference is 
I live fully this time
I live passionately
I live happily
I love deeply
From moment to moment
I dedicate my love to you
An extraordinary woman
That will always at the deepest of my heart

Remembering your love 
Is a blessing
Is a celebration
Is a gift
Is a joy

I miss you mama
I love you

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