Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

15 May 2012

Crazy World

You are kind
You are loving
You are pure
In the past 
A few instances 
You have hard lessons on
Your kindness is being taken advantage of
Your loving is being taken for granted 
Your purity was manipulated
You have learned by now
When you put other's needs before you
As a result
You hurt yourself
Tons of pain
Self forgiveness 
Takes time to heal

You are too kind
You are too loving
You are too pure
Loving unconditional is the basic
Love on purpose
Painful lessons learned
Self forgiveness 
Takes time to heal 

It's a crazy world out there
Remember to 
Love yourself first
Follow your heart
Know your body
If you feel off
Out of alignment 
on who you are
Just pause and take a deep breath
Back to basic
Loving yourself must come first
Nothing else really matter

I am sorry for myself
I ask for forgiveness
I love myself
I appreciate myself


Kindness is a loving guide
That shows us how to live
A treasure which 
the more we spend
The more we have to give 
- Anon

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