Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 May 2012

Fine Collection

Fine collection
You know what is it
When you see them
When you find them
When you actually experience them
When you desire 
When you resonate
When you align
When you deeply connected
A big part of you 
Sings in joy
Fine collection 
Reflect your style
Reflect your values
Reflect your character

Just like any fine collection
Fine jewelry
Fine wine
Fine arts
Fine music
My mission 
is to create a fine collection 
in magazine
A communication tool and platform
For timeless wisdom
Best practices in business 
It's fine collection
The shelf life is timeless
It's a collectable 
In my private library
In collector's library
In many years to come

I am grateful
For this inspiration 
It's exceptional
It's different
It's one of its kind
It's a true manifestation

Collectors will know the value
Value in appreciation
With time

It's a series 
It's a momentum 
Building up to Limited Edition
That is a true fine collection

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