Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

17 May 2012


I went for a business meeting
Within short notice
Someone asked me
Do I believe in destiny
Do we have the ultimate control of our life path
What a big question
I know my answer
In search of meaning

Someone reminded me
I love to win
I love to be on the top
That special 'uumphh' of winning
Gives me extra strength
Success breeds success

The result never lie
Either you are on the top
Or aspiring to be on the top
Or you are not
Either you perform
and keep pushing hard to perform
And put your heart into it
Or you are not

I work very hard at it
From no choice to freedom
I seek the meaning of life
In different perspective
Focus on what I really want
What really matters
To live
To love
To learn 
To leave a legacy
That is the destiny
For me

Life is so beautiful 
The beauty itself 
Has different taste and style
Appreciate it 
The true beauty is timeless
It's classic

Forgive yourself
For all the big and small mistakes
For all the bad and ugly choices and decisions
For you to be authentic you
Your soul lesson is done
Keep moving 
That is another level of beauty awaits
That is the destiny

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