Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

11 September 2011

Powerful Image Keys

Messages of Universal Wisdom - by Barbara Evans

Empowerment Cards 

Image Key #1: Healing the Waters of the Earth
I ALLOW the vibration of Love to open and heal my heart

Image Key #2: Unity Over Water
I ALLOW the rainbow rays to activate my Inner Knowing

Image Key #3: Gift of the Feminine
I ALLOW creativity, grace and intuition to awaken within

Image Key #4: Labyrinth of Crystal Light
I ALLOW myself to walk this sacred and supported path

Image Key #5: Harmonic Concordance
I ALLOW and embrace the Energy of Evolution
as it enters my Being

Image Key #6: Galactic Connection
I ALLOW the awareness of Connections to ALL THAT IS

Image Key #7: Crystal Visions
I ALLOW love, balance and unity to BE my experience

Image Key #8: Return of the Feminine
I ALLOW the Divine Feminine to activate within

Image Key #9: Resurrection and Balance
I ALLOW the activation and integration of
Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
within my BEING

Image Key #10: Wisdom of Solomon
I ALLOW the Golden Light of Wisdom
to ignite my DNA

New knowledge on
creating a new earth
Lead by Barbara Evans
A Scientist
turned into
an Artist & Author
Speaker & Healer
who breaks all the rules

Simply stunning
Simply inspiration
Simply powerful
Image keys
With Crystal Power
A real Empowerment tool
An absolute healing
Much needed in this world
Here and Now

Barbara Evans (in the center)
The Artist, Author, Speaker & Healer
of Image Keys who breaks all the rules

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