Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

05 September 2011

You Deserve It

and affirm 
who you are 
and who you will become
Connect to the fullness
of your life
in a state of 
unlimited possibilities

Is the spark of greatness
that allows you 
to declare out loud
your dreams and desires
It is your birthright
to receive 
and embrace
the gifts of life
and fully express
your true greatness

Your innate worthiness
is the unique essence 
of who you are 
and who you were designed to be

When you recognize 
your worthiness
you create a sense of
confidence and peace
believing and knowing
you are wholly connected 
to your divine purpose

you are fearless
emotionally flexible
and free

Acknowledge yourself
Forgive yourself
Determine where to improve
Make a commitment
And be grateful for all the lessons

You deserve it
You deserve all the greatness
And gratefully receive life's 
abundant gifts
In absolute joy 
In love and peace
In total freedom 
In unstoppable vitality
In prosperity
In great health
In great wealth
In happiness 

You deserve it

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