Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

08 September 2011

Surprising Buddy Relationship

What a surprising call from Buddy
It has been 10 years
Many things change
Something special 
does not change

A special Buddy
We are true friends
We are twin sisters
We are partners
We are learning partners
We are trusting partners
We are growing partners

10 years ago
The two kick ass women met
They become buddy buddy
Women with dreams
Women with independent opinions
Women follow their hearts
Women who go all out
Women who are open
 and willing to grow
Women who are honest 
 yet willing to see/hear the truth
Women who share common interest
 and distinctive kick ass personality
 who make things happen
Women who are strong outside
 and cry really hard when no body see
Women who instinctively know
 the timing for everything
Women who are not settling anything less than
 they could possibly be
Women who speak out direct
Women who kiss ass

Who knows
What makes us 
 re-connect again after 10 years
You have your own reasons
Perhaps your business associates 
 reminded you of me
And many other reasons unexplained
This is the time to reconcile with buddy buddy

I have my openness 
 and timing is right
Only the Universe knows 
 our dreams and wishes
We instinctively know the timing for both
 and our value for each other
 in increasing life & business
 in moving forward the dream together
Now we are taking our buddy buddy relationship
 to the next level

I am so grateful
You are thinking of me
I am so proud of your accomplishments

We are learning partners
We are trusting partners
We are growing partners
We have cut short all the journey
 of getting to know each other again
We could just fall back to our strong foundation
 of trust and awareness
We are empowerment partners
We are enlightening partners

Today's meeting 
Confirm and affirm 
our buddy buddy relationship again
Something special 
does not change
Because we have been through 
 some learning curve together
 with openness and awareness

Buddy buddy
You remain so timelessly strong and beautiful 
You remain humorous and funny about life and love
You remain charismatic and inspiring with people
You remain kick ass woman
 yet understanding and big heart
You remain kind and loving
You remain optimistic and go all out
 follow your heart

The buddy buddy relationship
after 10 years
For the first time
I suddenly find my another wing
to fly like a bird
in the blue sky
You have shown me 
the confidence in the dream 
You have shown me 
the faith in everything to dream
You have helped me 
to collect the lost pieces of me
I suddenly see them in my buddy 
which are already in me
With that 
I am so much grateful

You reminded me 
Something must come into better piece
To be Big
To be True
To be Authentic

Thank you buddy buddy
Love you very much

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