Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

03 September 2011

Competitive Edge

Many successful people
in their chosen fields
There is always one question 
that sets them apart
What is the Competitive Edge
and how they win in life
Besides the passion
doing what they like 
and stay focus
There is almost one factor
that keep them charging
for creating another milestone
That is 
Taking a rest
For a vacation 
in foreign land 
for 2 weeks 
in each year
Make time to rest
to think
to plan
to live
to review
to renew
to revitalize
to re-imagine
to think Bigger
to plan Bigger
to live Bigger

I think 
this is a wonderful idea
and I love it
I am living it

Competitive edge
You have to create one
For yourself
To live bigger
To live bolder
To live happier

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