Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

05 September 2011

Integrity Under Fire

Home education 
It's the most gifted educations of all
How a person is being brought up
The love education
Has strongly impacted his/her life
Many ups and downs at a later life
You begin to apply/learn/change/teach/share
What you need to learn
And what you learned the most
Heal your life
And be right

Many people do not take integrity seriously
In such a fast phase cosmopolitan city
Everything is instant result
Instant money
Instant reward
Instant love
Instant foods
Instant ...
All short term results
And lose sight on 
What do they stand for

What these people 
do not understand is 
When their integrity is under fire
People lose confidence in you 
You have no second chance
of turning it back

Integrity under fire
It's awakening
It's time to change
It's time to re-build character
It's time to re-connect with your deepest soul
Integrity is not something
you are born without 
How have you made it works for you
with good intent?
Was it a good intent?
Did you fire your own integrity
for the short term gain?
You must know 
Once it is gone
Everything else 
is not as meaningful 
as you thought it to be
Value it 
Protect it 
Like the only thing 
that matters in your life
You will be all right

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