Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 September 2011

Sufferings From The Mind

It's so true
The past sufferings
It was an optional pain
The mind made it so

Let go of the resistance
Let go of the control
When the mind is in the driver's seat
It only craves more
Wanting to control (simply everything)
Wanting to plan (simply everything)
Wanting to find the solution
Wanting to get things done (in the mind's eyes)

The idle state is very challenging for the mind
Whereas paying attention to do no-thing
is important to connect with the deeper self
Being aware of what is going on
in the mind
in the body
When you are able to control the mind
You could control the body

The more wanting in control
The more sufferings
Come from the mind

The reality may be different
Or something beyond control
Stay open
Stay present
Action/Inaction in the mind
Decision/Indecision in the mind
Creates stress and sufferings

Be aware of 
what is going on with the mind
Sufferings is 
an optional pain

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