Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

15 September 2011

In Remembrance

Beautiful September
12 months have passed 
It's a full one year
What could possibly happen
It's a choice

Slowing down
Living consciously everyday
Being naked emotionally and spiritually
It's something very unusual 
If not

I got to see and feel 
What is going on inside
It's never been easy
Just the right thing to be/do
That requires no introduction

In remembrance
And unlearning
The art of asking
All the big questions in life

In courage 
I ask for strength
I ask for clarity
I ask for gentle touch
in protection and guidance
What is it that 
I needed to know now
In silence
In remembrance
the answer

Beautiful season
In remembrance of someone
very significant
I am missing her very much
It's my beloved sister 
Almost 4 3/4 years have passed
It's a full 45 months
Memory is still strong
In another beautiful world
You are always with me

In all faces and places
In all shapes and weathers
In all love and healing
In all joy and beauty
In all tears and laughters
May you always know that 
You will have a special place
in our hearts
In silence
In remembrance
Your love

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