Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

02 September 2011

Sustaining Synchronicity

I think I know you
Even though we are meeting
for the first time
Curiosity in your profile
brings us together
But there is much more
and deeper meaning here
Synchronicity is not an accident

I think I know you
Thank you so much
for your openness and warmness
You know everything happen
for great reason
What is the common things we share
that very likely we are able
to support each other
professionally and personally
What is the gift and dream
you would like to
make this world a better place
And I want to know
What makes you cry
What makes you angry
And what makes you love

There is a very strange encounter
I believe
Certain moments are tailor-made
for certain things in life
Your sincerity and enthusiasm
Touch my heart
I am grateful for that

Living with clear conscience
Stay true to ourselves
What makes our heart sings
And stay focused
Just the way
you are sharing your love and light
in increasing other people's lives
That speaks so loud 
about who you are

Sustaining synchronicity
Allows the opportunity
To take this deeper and further
It's conscious 
Clear conscience
Great Intention
Coming for bigger reason
Let's find out 
in due time

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