Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 September 2011

Privileged Encounter

Sister Linda - Privileged Encounter

This is one of the privileged encounters
Thank you so much for sharing
the Starbucks little sofa corner
I am the mobile office working 24/7
Anytime and anywhere I like

Today is the second time
We bump into each other
Now I get to know you
I call you sister Linda
You are extra friendly and nice
Inviting me for moon cake
You say
It's extremely great to be able to share...
A total stranger turns into a friend
Your generosity and kindness
Always outburst with love and joy
Make you a real gift

I couldn't help but make emphases
on life's everyday journey
Be happy & healthy
You laugh it out
Appreciate so much 
on this sweet reminder

We share dreams
What a magical moment
You say out loud
You still have many dreams
Same as me
I do have my many dreams
One of them is
Be happy and healthy
And cruising into the future with me
You happily say yes
I pass you the Cruise Guide
You say 
Your dream is coming closer and clearer
You are touching it now
We all laugh it out real loud

I am so grateful
This is one of the very privileged encounters
No generation gap
No communication gap
Only sincerity
Only be true
And love

I ask permission
to capture a moment with you
I show you
Your CEO profile photo
You smile and ask me
The differences between CEO & COO
I explain with much great pleasure
Who we are is not determined by title
But character
The title differences much related with
the scope of roles and responsibility at work
Visionary and leadership come hand in hand
One is Execution
Another one is Operation
The huge differences is
CEO is the selling star
And take premier marketable asset of the company
to the world and its people
And this has to be backed up by a strong COO
to run a smooth and efficient operation
to make sure the promise is delivered
You pleasantly accept 
Happy with the photo
and my answer
that make me smile in my heart

Will see you again for sure
We are no longer strangers
But dreamers
With no age differences
Only be true
to ourselves

Before you leave
You ask me
Am I free
Am I available
Am I loved
Am I protected
I say yes to all
What a stranger 
turns into a caring friend

In your eyes
I suddenly experience
tons of unconditional love
Like a mother 
Like a sister
Like a close friend
Like a great teacher
Like a great master
Like a little twinkle star
Shining in the dark
Very privilege
Very humble
Very sweet
Very joy

Sharing feels really great...

 Mooncake - generosity by sister Linda 

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