Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

12 September 2011


Life is 
a series of changes
Every moment

Change is good
It pushes/pulls you 
into growth
If you are aware 
The change is necessary
to build character

The strength
The courage
The love 
The wisdom
Open you with new opportunity
Sometimes you may think
the game is over
Sometimes you just need
one opportunity
to turn around

When one door is closed
Another door is opened
There is no wrong turns 
in to the life experience
And know that 
you are not alone

Many lives 
Many masters
Many lives
Many gifts
Many lives
Many changes

Look straight in the eyes
of darkness and fear
They could not break you 
You are strong and powerful
You are not afraid
You will break through

Look beyond this moment
with joy and celebration
They are your driving force
You are creating your own
compelling story
One at a time

Changes is good
Changes is an invitation 
to create your silver liner story

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