Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

15 September 2011


We are 
the hands
and minds
of the Evolution
We were born with dreams
Sometimes we forget
Sometimes we are not remembering
Sometimes we do not remember

When we are in the 'void'
Nothing seems to be happening
We need to remember
That plateaus 
are absolute necessary for 
And refinement 
of our vision

continually presents 
a choice
of where to place our attention
and intention
How do we choose
As energy flows through and to us

We are attracted
to different people and situations
How do we stay on track
pops into our minds

A synchronicity 
opens up 
a new direction
Or we receive 
the grace of unexpected gifts
What do we do 
with what we receive

There is no one recipe
No one answer
Only questions
Ask yourself
What do you really want
What do you want to be/do/have
What is preventing you from being/doing/having this

Remember your intention
And look for clues
That the universe gives you

Because you are searching
Your path is changing

Who you choose to be
And allow it to manifest 
You hold the power within

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