Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

03 September 2011

A New Definition of CEO

Chief Executive Office
has a new definition/role
That is 
Chief Enlightenment Officer
To reflect 
a much authentic true leadership
and a willingness to build the leaders of tomorrow
All in all 
start with yourself
And influence others
Follow by enlightening others
to be an enlightening CEO

Influencing others
towards a positive outcome
has a lot to do with 

When you are sharing 
your soul of leadership 
People follow you 
People look up on you
People share your vision 
People are willing to go extra miles for you
The final positive lasting influence
is the power of 'enlightening' others

In so doing
they have found their inner voice
they have found their dream
they have found their potential
they have found their purpose
they have found the meaning of life
your new way of leadership 
is enlightening

You are an enlightening CEO
A true Chief Enlightenment Officer
that revealing a new insight of leadership

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