Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 February 2012

On Being A Managing Editor...

Managing Editor’s Letter

‘Best Practice  –
The Power of Personal Service
Gives You A Compelling Edge’

Dear Best Practice Seekers

It’s a new season.
It’s a new dream.
It’s a new look and feel.
Wow! What an Evolution!

This special issue on
‘A Little Black Book Of Wowing VIP Customers’
brings you many insights and tips on
how you could accelerate your current market positioning
to uphold an ‘up-close and personal’ relationship in human spirit
with your VIP customers
one at a time.
The power of 1-to-1,
how the ‘Personal Service’ is on top of company culture
to move away from mass market gives you an edge.
For the luxury market segment,
the exciting lifestyle continues.

The future of VIP customers lies
In your ability in creating products, services
and company culture
that inspire, include and reflect
the values of target customers.

And VIP customers in turn,
are choosing companies and products/services
that satisfy deeper needs for compelling participation,
creativity, community and idealism beyond quality,
a compelling brand story and brand experience to associate with;
that they are so proud to tell others about you.
Until your character and goodwill spread wide,
it will be your goldmine untapped.

Much delighted to hear your feedback
if in any way you have benefited from this issue.

Wow your VIP customers beyond quality.
Be up-close and personal.
If not, someone else will.

To your greater WOW!

Bengie Mont
Managing Editor
BPM Events Director
+(852) 9465 8528
Skype: bblueoceze

Note on 18 Feb 2012

Little did I know 
When I take on this project
How am I going to handle all
But I have a burning WHY
To transform 
the whole magazine positioning and branding
And I know the end result before even begin
That was 12 weeks ago

With tears and sweats
This is just a part of me
that wanted to write about life
A series of collected experiences
that is worth to tell
With honesty
And dignity

I end this project 
with high note

In pride
In dedication 
In passion 
In joy

A total turn-around

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