Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

06 February 2012



I could not rest well
I could not breath well
In my meditation
I cried
At a deeper level
I know 
We have met at the soul level
You have your own fear
I have my own fear of losing you
Saying goodbye is the hardest thing
I still have many unfinished business of love
that I want you to know
My dear papa
I cried very hard thinking of you
Thank you for your visit
I know we are close in heart

I begin my new day with early rise
In my many to do list for today
I get busy
I lost my breath
My body tell me to slow down
Even so
I finish each meeting with total mindfulness
Everything seems effortless
Great energy are coming to me
Great contacts are flowing to me
Compliments are flying high in the sky
On my work and goodwill

In my yoga practice
My intention is openness and acceptance
I cried
At a deeper level
I know
My papa visited me again
at the soul level
With my openness in emotion and spirit
I feel you deeply
You have unfinished love to express
that you want us to know
The truth
The real you

My dear papa
It's a mixture of all sweats and tears
I cried very hard thinking of you
Thank you for your visit
I know we all have unfinished business of love 
to tell and experience
While the time is running short
But with deep knowing 
Please know that 
True love is unconditional
True love never hurts
We love you deeply
Something very deep and familiar
Will always keep us together
We will meet at the deepest level
Regardless of what dimension
I know that familiar face and smile
I feel that familiar energy of love
I am forever grateful 
for your unconditional love
This is my time 
I love you unconditionally
Until one day to another day
You will know
No matter where I am

Our souls meet at the deeper level
We speak our language of love
It's unconditional love
It's mindful love
It's our love

Keep breathing deep 
Stay mindful
We are meeting again
There is no goodbye
You will always have a special place
in my heart
We love you deeply

On my way back 
in a crowded tram after yoga practice
Suddenly I cried
Tears are like the river 
Flowing unconditionally
Was it you papa
that just say hello
I promise you to be strong
I promise you to live strong
I promise you
Please promise me
to watch over me
to protect me
to guide me
to shower me
with love and light

I am very sad
I accept my sadness
Thinking of you
My dear papa
I love you deeply
I thank you dearly
Come and visit 
anytime you like
I know we will meet again soon
And always in my heart
I promise

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