Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

20 February 2012


Invites the essence of it

Feel great
It brings you greater love
joy and inspiration
The world is rising high 
Within you
Smiles are everywhere
Prosperity is effortless
Life is like a beautiful beach
With cocktails standby
And all the beautiful girls catching eyes

Feel bad
Nothing seems good enough
Darkness fills the sky
Strom is about to rise
Stars are hiding tight
Tears are coming just right
Fear and frustration
Rocks the world
And the sleepless night lose the sight

Know the power of attention
Where is your focus
What is the meaning behind
Date with destiny
Begin with your decision
A true decision
That is no turning back

I know you
You are a kindred soul
You have conviction
You are a true spiritual warrior
Straight from the heart
Once and for all 
Or nothing at all
Brings your dream closer

Invites the essence of it
Be inspired 
In a moment
By another moment

Mission accomplished 
Or do not begin 
Leave with high note

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