Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

02 February 2012

Waiting Time

In life
there is a lot of waiting time
Waiting for unknown
Waiting for new experience
Waiting for new joy
Waiting for new goals
Waiting for new things
Waiting for new aspiration
Waiting for new dream
Waiting for new love
Waiting for new being...

In waiting time
there is a lot of pain and hope
No matter what 
Patient is a virtue
Compassionate towards self
Unconditional love
is the key

This moment
In the waiting time
What is your experience
Can you find your breath
Can you go inside your inner world
Can you consciously bring back to life
Waiting time is necessary 
For a new experience
For a new season 
For a new excitement 
For a new dream
For a new you

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