Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

24 February 2012

Betrayals Are Part of Life

The Perils of Partnership
by Robert Kiyosaki

You can't do a good deal with a bad partner
This is more than words of wisdom
It is a guiding words
Words to live one's life by

The interesting aspect of all betrayal is that
The person who is actively betraying you 
Often feels he/she is the one being betrayed
In other words
That person finds a way
To justify betraying you

Your challenge is to become a better person for it
It may mean 
You do not retaliate even though you want to 
It may mean
Not fueling the flames and 
Amplifying the betrayal process

It's tough
But the challenge is 
To become bigger than
The person betrayed you

In reading this
It reminds me
of the past betrayals experiences
Very much ignorance
Painful and yet unforgettable
Almost every time
Because of strong conviction
It takes me 
More than double time 
for healing
Letting go
Requires greater courage
and forgiveness
Forgiveness for self
And forgiveness for others
It brings out a stronger character

Since betrayals are part of life
Let's look into this incident 
For a deeper reason
Healing is part of life
Forgiveness is a big part of life
Letting go is the same

Choose the clean energy
Work with great souls and hearts 
Trust your instincts
Take time 
For everything
To feel your way 
For the desired outcome

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