Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 February 2012


BPM March2012 Issue - magazine cover

Managing Editor's Letter & Directors' Message (by B)


Last 11 weeks
I am working harder and longer than 
any time I remember in my life
I am in the zone
Writing for a magazine on
Little Black Book Of Wowing VIP Customers

To bring in changes 
To innovate
To re-positioning
To re-branding
To re-imagine
To face-life 
from Black Book to Black Tie Event
To unleash something very deep inside of me
that were asleep to awake state
I never thought possible
To enjoy true beauty 
on indulging consciously and mindfully 
in the moment
What I could create
What an evolution

I am inspired
Someone is watching over me
Someone very dear and close 
is my strength
is my inspiration
is my energy source
is loving me unconditionally

This week
I am wrapping up the whole magazine
It's beyond my own expectation
There has been tremendous great feedback 
From management and clients
From brands and partners
The work must continue
To lead with the changes

I am grateful 
For the trust in me
For the willingness and openness
to have intimate interview write-up 
That allows me 
to keep the purity and organic of the contents
for its clean energy
Purity is power
That moves you from the mass
There is no pollution at the top

In the state of stillness
It is a fulfillment
It is a true beauty
It is a deep satisfaction
It is an inspiration 

Is my inspiration
Is my motivation

B Lifestyle
Is my true passion

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