Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

11 February 2012

Freedom of Mind

Freedom of Mind
Is the ultimate mental state
of your true authenticity
This is where
the juices of creativity comes from
It breaks through all the limitation
It challenges you to the next level
that you do not know what is possible
It connects you with the higher spirit
It shows you life path
What is potential
What is dream
What is destiny
What is beauty
What is purity
What is passion
What is authentic
What is true
What is joy
Where all the big questions
there lies all the answers
you are seeking
It is deep
It is inside
It is within you

Freedom of mind
Is the gate to your own authority
Juices of creativity
Be your own artist of life
Choose your color
Choose your style
Create your exceptional life
Create your dream
Only you have the key to it

Freedom of mind
Make space for it
Do what you need to do
To trash the old baggage
To clear the old conditioning program
To let go what does not work
To unlearn and relearn
To replace with new program
To change
To upgrade
To uphold
What is close and dear to you
Freedom of mind
Make space for it
It's the key
To your own kingdom

Freedom of Mind
A true inspiration

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