Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 February 2012

Message from Directors

Message from Directors

‘Going Extra Miles in Personal Service
~ that is a True Luxury!’

We would like to record our appreciation
for all the business partners and associates
in all industries and markets,
for your on-going hunger and new appetite
in learning and growing
with the market leaders in Best Practices
professionally and personally.

Stepping into the Year 13th
is a huge breakthrough for us.
We seek changes.
We welcome changes.
We embrace changes.
We lead with the changes.
Best Practices leaders are inspired with the changes.
That is the only mission
behind ‘Best Practice Management’.

For this issue,
you will realize
what separates the mass market from luxury market,
and how the business leaders
get personal with their VIP customers
to make them feel really great
and create a compelling proposition
to engage them differently
to drive loyalty.

It’s personal,
and yet details.

True luxury ~
comes from extra miles in Personal Service.
That is the ultimate ‘Midas Touch’
with your brand experience!

Let’s be up-close and personal.
You are our VIPs.

Note on 18 Feb 2012

A journey 
Is made up of many moments 
of knowing and not knowing
On this note
I wrote it one day
And rewrite the title again and again 
For the next 3 days

Changes ~
Is Life
Life ~
Is Changes
One fine day
I know 
It's not the perfection 
I am after
It's this imperfection
that has been pushing me 
outside comfort zone
Challenging my quest for meaning
A journey
That when i look back
It's all worth it

Little sweats and tears
Becomes little legacy work
That I may smile 
Looking back...

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