Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 February 2012

New and Luxurious


A very inspiring brand story
The first Italian jade designer brand
Present its True Beauty
It has created its buzz in the world of luxury
In less than 2 years
With vast media attention

It's honored indeed
to be able to write 
for such a high profile designer brand

The message is simple
When you are doing something you truly love
The freedom of mind
will bring out the most creative part of you
This is the beginning of living a creative and joyful life

The founders shared timeless wisdom 
Swimming upward in a river
In creating new and luxurious brand experience
Presenting its true beauty
With spiritual enlightenment
in purity and simplicity of Italian jade
Where it is made 
in the secret garden of love
That is something unique 

A brand with no name
Sure to lead its way 
in new and luxurious brand experience

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