Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 February 2012

Trust What You Know

Trust what you know

Over the time
As you grow
As you evolve
As you continue on this exciting life journey
You will discover
Many special gifts and powers
One thing for sure is
An increased sense of knowingness
Always trust
What you know
We will begin to understand
Events and people
On a level much deeper
than we experienced before

We will begin to know the feeling
of a person, place to thing
We will begin to feel its energy
We will be in touch with the deeper self
when we truly connect with others
We will know if a person
is living beyond or below the line
What really matters to them
What is freedom to them
We will know if a place holds energy
that is good for us
Or we will know that energy
isn't right for us
Doesn't currently complement our needs
Let's not judge
We just know deep within
And we will know what to do

Powers appear
When our heart are open
We find the powers of love
Comfort, faith and joy
There is a quiet power of
Trusting what we know

What would you do
If you know that you could not fail

What you know

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