Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 February 2012

Freedom Through Transformation


Sends a message of hope and healing 

To those who are struggling 

with life challenges or lessons

It is important to remember 

that you are on an amazing journey 

that is coming to a close 

where you can do and be 

everything you are longing for

From there you will create a new reality 

that includes all your dreams and desires

Take some time each day 

to focus on your destiny 

and see how close you are from making it happen

As you see it more clearly

It is actually comes closer

The more often you visit that vision - 

the more you embody it

The blessings and benefits of being human 

are now manifesting in ways we cannot see

but at some point we did initiate it 

through imagining

RECOGNIZE = when you wake up and remember

REALIZE = when you see clearly through the illusions

REVITALIZE = when you allow yourself to be balanced/aligned


Is inspiration

Be inspired
with Freedom
with Transformation
with Joy

Be inspired
with realignment
with re-imagination
with rejoice

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