Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

25 July 2011

Unleash The Power Within

What would you do 
if you know that 
you could not fail?

This was the question
that hit me really hard
that got me into 
making decision to attend the UPW
for more than 11 years ago
And it turn out to be 
the best decision that 
I have ever made

Fire Walk
4000 people
Stepping Up & Out
Life will never be the same!

And Mastery University 
that include programs on
Wealth Mastery (5000 people)
Date With Destiny (4000 people)
and Life Mastery
It's absolutely 
world class
Since then 
Life will never be the same!
It is so true...

I couldn't imagine
the other way around
The moment we make the decision
that is the POWER
It's the moment of decision 
that shapes our lives

I could still remember so clearly 
how Tony Robbins talked about
Peak State
And turn fear into power
and experience the breakthrough

Suddenly there is a rush of energy
flowing up in my whole body, mind & spirit
I am so charged up
This is one of the very best experience
that change my life ever

Little reminder for myself

Now I am the Voice
I will lead, not follow
I will believe, not doubt
I will create, not destroy
I am a Force for Good
I am a Leader
Defy the odds
Set a new standard 
Step Up
Step Up 
Step Up

Live with passion
Live with love
I am forever grateful 
for the growth journey with Anthony Robbins

We all have dreams...
We all want to believe deep down
in our souls
that we have a special gift
that we can make a difference
that we can touch others 
in a special way
and that we can make the world
a better place

My next goal is ~ 
Leadership Mastery 
Where impeccable leaders are born

I am hungry
to let the soul of leadership shines!

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved
  except by those who dared 
  believe that something inside of them 
  was superior to circumstance."
  - Bruce Barton

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