Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

26 July 2011

Living with Passion

Your essential self

Passion is the source of who you are
To be passionate 
is as natural as breathing
as natural as being alive
Become the source of your own passion
Become the source of your own aliveness

Our hunger for Passion
Becoming a passionate person
Passion acts like a magnet
that attracts us to its source
We are drawn to people
who radiate with passion
who live with passion
who breath with passion

Your passion is your true power
The more you discover 
and express your passion for life
the more irresistible you will become to others

Commitment creates passion
The more you offer of yourself to something
the more passion you will receive in return

Passion to be and do
You will be infused with passion
Your relationship will be vibrant with passion
The choices your make will resound with passion

Passion & Surrender
Open yourself 
to the potential
in this moment

Let go of how you think it should look
Let go of how you think it should feel 
You have created the space 
for the magical moment 
You have opened the door 
so that the mysterious may rush in
Now you have filled your heart
with passion

Surrender to your own love
to your own joy
it's surrendering to your Essential Self

The heart 
is the Home of Passion
At the center of your being
resides the source of all you are
You are light
You are joy
You are love
You are ecstasy

And Intimate Relationship
It is in the passion of the heart
where the strength of your love 
will reveal itself

True passion
emanates from your soul
It recognizes and rejoices your love
in the miracle of love

Emotional passion
in the very instant 
is your passion expression
Open to embrace it
Your love
Your kindness
Allowing you to enter into
the timeless world of the heart
Stop waiting for Passion to find you
Keeping the Passion of Love alive

Living with Passion
You have the power to create
a life of deep fulfillment
You have the power to create 
a life of great purpose
and true love
That power 
lies in your passion
When you are passionate about your life
your life will be passionate about you

Passion and Work
Do your work with love
Do your work with passion
Do your work with grace and joy

Seeing the world with passionate eyes
When you are in love with life
you see the world
through the eyes of a lover
You perceive the world 
through the eyes of passion
You see beauty
You experience the magic
in every moment
looking for the look in every soul and heart

Your passion makes a difference in the world
Have faith in your passion
Your passion acts like 
an invitation to others
beckoning their own passion
to come forth

Sharing your gift of passion
Look around 
Everywhere you see 
there is a beauty 
that calls out to your own passion
Everywhere you go 
there is a majesty 
that reminds you 
of your own magnificence

When you allow yourself
to truly view creation 
in all its splendor
you will awaken to the inevitability 
of your own power
your own passion 
for you to be part of the splendor

Live with passion
Live with love
Live with light
Live now

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