Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

23 July 2011

Dance with Divine

When good things are happening in life
Your divine is dancing within you
When things are not working in life
Divine is checking on our potential
How far we could go
I remember hearing this from our Yoga Teacher

Set the intention in my yoga practice
Dance with Divine

That 'OM' touches my heart and soul
It's a mixture of tears and sweats 
Suddenly ~
there is a rush of openness
in my body, mind and spirit
To be absolutely present here now 
with grace and focus

Yoga teacher reminds us
Asking ourselves WHY we are doing yoga
that helps us to breath through 
all the challenging moments
Do not let the mind playing tricks 
Only the WILLINGNESS to go through
and BELIEVE we can do it
And connect with our divinity
Not one day
But everyday

Come to know ~
The harmony you search for 
is already within yourself

I am 

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