Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

25 July 2011

You Deserve It

is the spark of greatness
that allows you 
to declare out loud
your dreams and desires
It is your birthright 
to receive and
embrace the gifts of life
and to fully express
your true greatness

As for now ~
You deserve it

You deserve
To ask and receive
  the infinite treasures of the universe
To experience the sensation of worthiness
  - the knowing
  - the heightened excitement
  and the energy of the expected outcome
To honor the divine presence in you
  the source of 
  all of your gifts and talents
To own your past
  bless it
  and release it
  freeing your power to create your life anew
To create a cycle of gratitude 
  that invites 
  grace and love into your life
To turn your fear into power
  with self-confidence and strength
To create a life authentic
  to your true self 
To declare your dreams
  and attract all the right resources
  people and experience you need
  to fulfill them
To respond to challenges and opportunities 
  with mindful awareness
To move in the direction of your goals
  creating compelling future
  begin right here 
  right now

Give yourself permission
to stand in the greatness
of who you are
and all that you are destined to be
Discover how to grace your life with freedom
bliss and abundance
Create an endless playground of possibilities
where you name your dreams 
and then claim them
You deserve it

I will plant this seed 
in the garden of my mind
that I deserve it
so are you

We live in the interesting time
As long as we could conceive in our mind
we deserve them all

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