Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

31 July 2011

Give True Love A Chance

A secret love

A woman in her early fifty
Shared very sweetly
About her secret love
A love story that first had it's sparks 30 years ago
Due to the shyness of the man when he was young
And reluctant to make her first move when she was very young
They moved on to their separate path

Career choices make them apart in distance
Both moved on with life
Having family and children
In between
still thinking about the secret love for each other
It's a secret that was hidden in their both hearts

After 30 years has passed
The woman's significant half 
has gone to heavenly world in peace and love
The man is a strong family man 
that fulfills every duty of a husband and father
The love was lost in his marriage
Only family responsibility and obligation

Entering into the mid age
Realizing time asset is running out
Some significant moments hit them both
Grown up children have their wings 
to fly to pursue their dreams
How much they have missed out in life
without each other
Life becomes critical in having great companionship
That you could share the deepest love and passion
Make each other laugh and feel loved
and appreciated

Until today
Their love and spark for each other remain
This is what they needed to know and appreciate
Suddenly the man took his whole life's courage
To express his secret love
Out of a sudden
The woman's world becomes
enlightening and fill with love and inspiration
Love is the most powerful emotion for a woman
It's all she has dreamed about 
It's all she is living for

Life is strange some time
It takes different turns and u-turns to find true love
There is nothing right or wrong
It takes much courage to live
A life that is true to yourself
A life that you are passionate about
A life that you know
It's within your power and intelligence
to create a compelling life of your own
And life will never be the same
the moment the true love recognizes your soul

Give true love a chance
Make a conscious choice
Choose how to live your life
Make peace with your past
Listen to your heart
And accomplish more with your loved ones

A secret love
Becomes true love
30 years seems like yesterday
Their love is still refreshed 
and rekindled every day
They make each other
The only and the last man and woman
they have ever fall in love again
in their lives

What a blessings!
Give true love a chance 
It's a gift 
that you deserved

How true is your love
How deep is your true love
When the two true souls meet
You will know

It's the essence of two souls 
become one
Give true love a chance

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