Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

22 July 2011

Beautiful Moments @ Timmendorf, Germany

Courtesy photo from my dearest sister & brother, Joke & Theo Jenssen 
from Nijmegen, Holland

Many thank you for sharing beautiful Timmendorf moments
The sky is beautiful
The beach is beautiful
The water is beautiful
The people is beautiful
All the moments are beautiful
And both of you are so beautiful (as always!)
I could feel and see the places both of you walk hand-in-hand...
And the love you share with each other 
and unconditional love for me
As I am sending you my love as well...

Probably you may know 
Timmendorf is a very special place for me
It has a special meaning in my life
and it change my whole life ever!

It's a special place that heal my heart
that we met
that we are family since then
that you now have extended family
with Viet family & Bremen family (Mickey)!
When we are family relationship
the whole connection is at another higher level
every time we meet/communicate/write/talk/listen & (cry for me!)...
It's all from the heart...

With this
I dedicate my love and appreciation 
to my beloved sister 
who is now in the heavenly beautiful world
that is my Angel of Love & Protection
who watch over us with smile
in all beautiful moments
ups and downs
love and light
that will always have a special place 
in my heart
I love you

My promise to you
Be happy now
Be strong now
Be now

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