Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 July 2011

Inner Voice

Tell me
What do you want
If you feel and think that
Life is throwing you off balance
Go back to your basic
Tell me what do you want

Tell me
What is your heart's deepest desire
What makes your heart sing
What keeps you awake till mid night
And wake up early
What brings wide smile to your face

Tell me
What makes you cry
What makes you angry
What makes you fulfilled
What makes you love and light
What touch your heart and soul
What is life celebration look life
that is worth living 

I want to know all
Tell me
What is your heart's deepest desire

What would you do
if you know that you could not fail?
What would you like to build?
What would you like to touch?
What gifts would you like to share?
How would you invest your time with?
And with whom?

You see
You have already know a thing or two
About who you are
And what you want to do
That personal power
That personal freedom 
will bring forth

What lies before or after
Is not as important as
What lies within you

Take a moment
Go deep within
You will have all these answers
To create a compelling life you want

How do I know?
I am your ~
Inner Voice

When you are patient with me
Your life will be patient with you
When you are passionate with me
Your life will be passionate with you
When you love freely and unconditionally
Unconditional love will pour unstoppable to you

Deep down
that knowingness and bliss
You are Me 
I am You

In absolute silence
and tranquility
You will hear my whisper

I am the open book 
for all your deepest heart's desire
Your Wish Is My Command

Pay attention
That is my intention for you


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