Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 July 2011


Some love stories last
Some don't
Some move on quickly
Like nothing happen
Some are greedy 
Wanted more than one at the same time
Some are seriously love
and seriously hurt
and seriously take time to heal

Every story has a purpose
Coming into the story line 
has a beauty of sharing a gift
Spiritual opening and closing 
Soul evolvement
Lesson learned
Love moves on

I was hurt
One time and for all
My heart was closed
There are many layers of old pain
appearing new
just like yesterday

Many healing work
The little child within
still cries soft and strong
For the love and passion
that I believe in a love story

Many winter seasons later
I still believe
There is a true love
A love story
Worthy of waiting for the right soul
to recognise the chemistry and fire
But first
Forgive myself
Fill my own self tank with love
Then I have extra love for others

I forgive myself
For getting hurt
I forgive myself
For making mistake
I forgive myself
For taking risk
In searching a love story
I forgive myself
In hurting others

I forgive you
For hurting me
I forgive you
For my lost hope of love story
I forgive you
For your greed in love
I forgive you
For a short journey together
that make me grow crazy

I forgive you
To begin a new life
I forgive you
To be true
I forgive you
I was loved
I forgive you
To be free
I forgive you
To deserve your dream
And carry that love story ahead
With a new chapter

Feel great now
Feel free now
Feel love now
Let the little door to your heart
Slightly open
Until and unless you are comfortable
Let it wide open
A love story
That you believe in
Take pride and experience love
As it coulda woulda shoulda
Bring you deep joy inside out
Unconditional love
That you deserve it
For all the seasons

With forgiveness
All the Greater Wall of heart melts
Believe in your love story

Write one
Create one
Believe one
It's your love story
It's a gift from God

A love story
Seeing and experiencing love
With new eyes 
and heart

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