Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

24 July 2011

Emotional Guidance

Working with the wrong people
or having wrong/disempowering relationship
may make you doubt about
yourself and your ability

When you start paying attention
to your emotional well-being
and respect that guidance
You could turn your life around

Where does the pain come from?
Different values and beliefs
Upbringing and conditioning
Different style of decision and action
then you realize 
'Change' is not your middle name

If 'respect' coulda woulda shoulda 
solve the differences
and move towards alignment
Then it is gonna to be an easy job
But the reality is not so

This year
I encounter a few difficult soul lessons
It takes a lot of courage in letting-go the pain
Appreciate the learning experience
and allow that emotional guidance and openness
to show me the way

One of the most painful working experiences 
that I have ever had recently
was working for a 'control freak' lady boss a few months back

Once you experience in working with her
directly or indirectly
You will know why
The pain is unbearable
Someone who is so fear of losing control
and has no trust for others
Life is a mirror
It means ~
she has no trust in herself
and fear of losing control

For the first time in my professional life
I finally give up
despite the fact that 
I could appreciate 
we come together to share a gift
in this working relationship

I deeply felt that 
it's a call for love 
that I needed to do
This is the only 'WHY' 
I jump into this decision to help her 
with the hope she will be working on the business one day

Out of surprise
This was the most painful working relationship ever
This highly dominant bossy lady
Who constantly stirred the fear inside people working for her
that wanted to go through every emails before sending out
and stopped everything on hand
just to listen to every phone calls you made
to fill your day with non-stop 'To Do List'
rather than focusing the end result
and giving you some free hand to unleash your full potential
Not to mention about
empowerment and enrichment
But wanted to squeeze you every minute and second
So that she is able to control you for the day
for what you do and not

By the end of the day 
Your brain will be jammed up exhausted
Leaving no room for the juices of creativity or so
Your body is tight 
like an old man and woman
Sometimes make you wonder
Is this your choice of life?
If not, could you change?
Personally that is absolutely not my cup of tea

Now I come to realization 
How her personality and behavior 
is creating pain for others around her
She is not ready to hear or see the truth
This is the reason I come in at the first place
to love and help her grow

After heart-to-heart talk
We come to agreement
She is not ready to accept the truth
I walked out literally
And not looking back since then
With no regret
Despite the fact that
my pure intention of helping her initially
to turn the situation around
is no longer my priority

I am absolutely grateful for emotional guidance
The courage to make my own decision is crucial

If I haven't been to 'Fire Walk' with 4000 people
If I haven't invested in myself
for the last 15 years professionally and personally
with the world best teachers, coaches and mentors
in personal development training and seminars
If I did not invest in my private library with more than 1500 books
and constantly develop myself for the last 16 years
If I haven't been listening to all the Buddhism practice by all the Masters/Lamas
about Karma Living, Big Love & Compassion
If I did not believe in my personal power
If I do not have the courage to change
If I live in fear
I may continue being defeated working for this monster

Life is a mirror
Let your emotion be your guide
You will be surprise how your life will turn out
As long as you are cleared about what you do not want
You will give yourself an opportunity
to be clear about
what you do want
The key question is -
What is it that you DO want
And focus on them

Life is so short
In spending time with the people
that you do not enjoy/share or
much to learn from or
you believe 
it's not serving your higher purpose anymore
Then come to know -
It's time to move on!

Life your charmed life ever
Know that
You deserved all the great life
Claim it
It's your birth right to do so!

What ultimately determines 
who we become and
where we go in life?
The answer is our decisions
NOT the conditions of our lives
that determine our destiny

Living a courageous life ever,


  1. Bengie, good on you! Your guts and courage is admired. Dare to live your best life now and ever. Live your life big, don't let others intimidate you or make you look small. No one has the right to control your life without your permission. Dare to rise high and above and show them the right way. Love, Patricia

  2. Thank you so much Patricia
    for your big love & life wisdom

    You are a STAR!
    The world becomes so much beautiful
    because of you!

    Love you,