Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 July 2011

A Sense of Divine Pride

An old friend visits
Who took almost 2 years off
in taking care of her elderly dad
Recently she is back to corporate world
Looking for life stability 

She got her dream job
Decent income
Regular working hours 
More family time
This is what she ask from her divine guidance
And she is happy

Not very long ago
She lost her beloved dad 
This is very private to her
As she opens up
In her eyes
There is a crystal clear pool of tears and stars
which she take pride in her divine guidance
And now life has to move on 
to a new chapter
knowing that she has done her very best
And she is loved

At last 
both of us cried together
I hold her with a big hug
Confirming ~
Her dad must be watching us right now
with smile
and grace

That magical moment
reminds me of 
the loss of my beloved mum
a few years back
My heartbreak was just like

I knocked myself hard 
until this day
that my quality time with family
could be easily counted

I took all the accountability and responsibility 
of my own life
Leaving apart from family 
wasn't the only reason for independence
It's a conscious decision
For the journey of growth & mastery 

The strange thing is ~
Life could be understood 
only when we look back
And we are living at the present moment only

Deep down
I am so grateful
My family love is unconditional 
Knowing that 
We are all called for Higher Purpose work

I still remember 
when my mum thinks her time was up
to the heavenly new world
Until the very last moment
she still shower us 
with unconditional love
that she choose a day a time
to make it convenient for all of us
for a big family to come together

Mum's love
is so unconditional
is a sense of Divine Pride
The timing was just right for all get-together
The individual circumstance was just right 
in between the break
For me
That was the day I packed my old job
Saying goodbye
And some soul lessons to learn

Many years later until now
I still miss my mum
She always has a special place in my heart

Sorry seems the hardest words 
Please forgive me Mum
For all the growing pains and pleasures
For all the worries, fears and faiths
For all the life challenges that I keep them tight to myself
For all the life beauty that I only share

Deep down
You understand and appreciate 
all my emotional openness 
when we meet
when we say goodbye
and hoping we are always together again
That sadness and missing emotion
has taught us well
Life is like a beautiful sky
The weather is uncertain
Rainy day
should not be a part of this emotion
and enjoy no matter what

That Emptiness principle
slowly helps to develop a sense of Divine Pride

Thank you so much for your love
For your big heart 
so forgiving
so loving
so giving
so unconditional

The sky is beautiful today
I pay attention
to open my heart and mind
to experience 
a sense of Divine Pride
Thank you Mum
You are always showering us with love

With this 
I find strength again
to dream my dream 
to cruise into a new season
And I am loved and guided

I love you always
And I miss you so much...

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