Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

28 July 2011

I Know You

I think I know you
You are Strong
You are Intelligent
You are Beautiful

Above all else
You love life
You love yourself
You are your own leader
You are your own life's legacy

I think I know you
You are Significant
You serve 
and sacrifice
You are the most important person
  in your own life

Above all else
You give it all
Your love for life
Your love for work
Your love for people

I think I know you
You meet and touch all souls and hearts in life
with open mind and spirit
You trust deeply
All the relationship come into contact
Bring forth with it
is a beautiful gift within

Deep down we are here to
Leave a legacy

I know you
You care so much
For each relationship that come into your life
And give the most of yourself
It is personal to you
Despite the outcome
Sometimes you got screwed
Sometimes your personal reputation is at stake
Sometimes there is a financial loss with negative balance
Sometimes the damage is unbearable
That you are willing to forgive and heal
To let go and heal
And take time and heal

As ~
You still believe
You still trust
You are the creator of your own life
You take the responsibility
for your own experience
You pick up life wisdom
with your emotional openness
and spiritual openness
in serving your soul 
and higher purpose

I know you
You are an Aspiration
You lead from the Inside out
You are forward looking in life outlook

Above all else
You are the Courage
You know it well
It's not that
You are knocked down by life 1000 times
But you insist to stand up again at the 1001st times
And you did

I know you
You are the Dream
A life that you will keep on pursue
What makes your heart sings
What makes you fulfilling
That is your life force
Your inner motivation 
Your inspiration

Above all else
You write your own life story
You leave your life's legacy
Building on one story at a time
One magical moment at a time
With all the beautiful souls and hearts
Coming into contact
with deeper meaning
That have helped you to transform
From caterpillar to a butterfly
Some people see it dies
Some people see it a new born life
You know it well
It never dies
It's a new life

I know you
You are Divine
You are Love
You are Light

Above all else
You are alive
I know you

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