Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

25 July 2011

Business Is A Living Thing

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E-Myth Enterprise by Michael Gerber
How to turn a great idea into thriving business

The only one reason
we invent businesses
is to do one thing -
and only one thing
To create MORE

A business is only justifiable
in the minds of people -
is only tolerated in the minds of people -
if the business
learns how to give them MORE

Business is a living thing
that feeds and grows 
on the expectation
and greed 
of the people
with whom it comes into contact

Business is a product of everything
we believe to be true
need to be true
want to be true

Our business are us
And we are our businesses

A successful business accomplishes
An idea that will attract
to it

It is an idea that attracts
with the greatest of force
the interest and attention
of the four primary influencers
and acts with the same force
with which it attracts

The position of One
is that locus of energy
that fusion of attention
created when a good idea attracts to itself
the self-interests of influencers alike
with an equal 
intensely interested force
which in turn 
moves out into the world
to attract even more force
thus growing 
and expanding 
and exploding
with a power 
by its competitors

Like a star
Like the sun
Like the eye of a storm


My experience yesterday ~
Someone told me that
I reminded him to be in deep touch of his soul
and not to settle anything less than
he could possibly be
in the business
WHY he is in the business
And dare to Think BIG
not to be caught up
working in the business
and lose sight on
his higher purpose

In deep knowing
We all want to know
how we could share our special gifts
in touching souls and hearts
to give our best self
to be called upon
what we are here to be and do

That magical moment
I see his deep gratitude
in his eyes
That moves me
I am so rich beyond measure
and so much to give...

Business is a living thing
It's so true

Many soul searching
There is something missing 
in most of the businesses
And that something is ~

Failure to understand 
the true role 
business has come to play in our lives
for the failure to 
truly listen 
to the people 
we come into contact with
for our bias towards
serving our own special interests
for our raw insatiable drive
to get the material MORE
we all seem to be saying 
we need
it can't be denied that 
too many businesses 
have become killing fields of the spirit
They like us
have missed the deeper meaning

To truly soar
a business must mean 
MORE than just money
MORE than just 'things'
MORE than what's easy
MORE than careers
management by objectives
current trends
and fashions

To achieve some measure of greatness
a business must somehow
rise above the one-dimensional symbols
and empty rituals of
our everyday flat-world existence

To truly attract 
the greatest amount of force 
and the greatest attention - 
to fully seize its potential power ~
the idea behind a business
must strike much deeper

It must strike our imagination
It must touch a strong
  and resilient chord 
  int he hearts 
  of all those people
  it is intended to serve
It must use its energy 
  in a profound
  and compassionate way
It must reach beyond the trivial
  the course
  the ordinary
  the mundane
It must give us more life
It must become a presence
  impossible to ignore
It must become a place 
  in which the most transient MORE
  the most predictable MORE
  the most superficial MORE
  the most immediate MORE
  the most trivial MORE 
  is never enough
It must become heroic 
  in everything it does
It must touch the dying part 
  of each and every one of us
  and raise us to some higher place


Now I truly understand
what is missing in most of the businesses
is the true meaning 
that if you are not part of it deeply
that you couldn't create the meaning with it
that you do not see yourself growing with it
might as well let go

Time to slow down 
To speed up
That is the kind of business
I wanted to create

Business is a living thing
Be alive
Make WHY bigger than everything
The answer will come

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