Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

26 July 2011

True Satisfaction

My dearest sister & brother, Joke & Theo Janssen married in May 1971

April 2009, Holland

Happy 40th Anniversary, May 2011 in Bali, Indonesia

What is the key 
to ultimate life's true satisfaction?
My dearest sister & brother
Joke & Theo from Holland
know a thing or two about this

As I write
this is totally dedicate to you ~
the most loving couple that I have ever met
that has touched my life significantly
that has become my family since then

Your love ~
is so unconditional
Daily simplicity & satisfaction
bring strength
and joy

Your kindness 
is so unconditional
For all the hearts and souls you meet
wherever you travel 
bring joy
and peace

True love
True satisfaction
True joy
True life
It could be so simple
and yet not so easy for many

Happy 11th Anniversary 
to our family love

May you both
always be in love
and stay healthy & strong
and smile
each and everyday

Still keeping the love real...
And many years ahead
Love you both

Life is ~
indeed a true satisfaction
because of 
both of you

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