Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

30 July 2011

Life Is Like A Cookie

Life is like a cookie
Given the same ingredients and requirements
If we are called to make cookies
Think, feel, or taste cookies
Even describe cookies
We all have our individual perspective of
What makes a great cookie
What tastes a great cookie
What looks a great cookie
... to YOU!

Who you are 5 years from now
Depends on the knowledge you acquire
Who do you associate with
And what actions have you taken
This is so true
I remember our beloved 
World Class Thinker & Trainer Jim Rohn said that

Life is like a cookie
Some like it sweet
Some like it salty
Some like it hard
Some like it soft
Some like it hot
Some like it round
Some like it square
Some like it various shape and color

Like is like a cookie 
Some cookies come in a beautiful box
Some cookies are customised to your taste
Some cookies are home made
Some cookies are mass production
By a World Class producer
Turning a great idea into a fortune
Because people love it

Life is like a cookie
Open to experience different cookies
Create and choose your own favourite taste of cookie
Share the joy of making and tasting cookies
Give away your extra cookies
When you smile to the world sharing your cookies
More cookies will be coming to you
In Abundance

Enjoy your cookie!

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