Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

22 July 2011


One special day
With my favorite blueberry cheesecake
Marks a day of fresh beginning
For emotional and spiritual well-being turnaround
New social circle
Beautiful souls and minds
Back to basic
In simplicity and kindness
All the love and prosperity 
Pouring unstoppable to me like the heavy rain
Bath in gratitude and love 
In each and everyday
I ultimately found
A strong sense of self-connectedness
that I have never experienced before

Life is like a deep sea
Despite all the winds and waves
Some people enjoy the water
And feel a fresh sense of freedom & enjoyment
Deep and shallow
Far and near
Some people never enjoy the water 
It's a life threat if thrown off guard
Only for the eyes
Nonetheless not for personal experience

Someone very special
reminds me that 
I am a beautiful dolphin
Water is my home
Absolutely touch my heart
How could I possibly lost myself?
How could I not remembering who I am?

I love the sea and the beach
That deep calmness 
With no separation from the blue sky 
So easy on the eyes closed
and the heart wide opened
It's healing 
And soothing for the soul...

Breath deep
It's time
To see, feel and hear deep within myself
For a fresh beginning
My passion and love find me effortlessly
Grateful being guided by my Higher Self
Moving into alignment with who I am 
Live Now!
Heal Now!
Love Now!
I am 

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