Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

01 August 2011

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home
Where our hearts reside
I miss it
I miss it for long
I miss it all my life

Home sweet home
Where family relationship bonds
I miss the old days
I miss the familiar attachment
with each other
I miss all the moments we fight and fly

Home sweet home
Home remains
People change
Some grow some not
Some grow old
Some grow inside-out
Some grow upside-down
Some grow and learn big lessons
Life become humbly beautiful
Some remain the same old souls
Just like yesterday

Home sweet home
When we gather
The state of mind and well-being remain the focus
of our family love
Some approach it lovely
Some resist it whole heartedly
Some keep it to their own world
Some never bridge the communication gap
and generation gap

Home sweet home
Many years later
All the family love remain intact
Only a few lost souls
Moving into their own world

Home sweet home
Inside my heart
Love remains
Family bond remains
Dreams moved on

Home sweet home
Deep inside my heart
there is a special place
for Home sweet home
It's a special place
I keep the lively memory
About home
About family love
About all the love we share
With each and everyone at home

Home sweet home
I miss it
I miss it very much
I miss it all
For the family and foods
For all the laughters and tears
For all the growing pains and pleasures
Only some beautiful souls turn Angels of Love

Home sweet home
I really miss it
A place that I am pampered with love
A place that I am always a baby
in the eyes of many
A place that my tears shields away my fear
A place that my emotional security is safe-guided

Home sweet home
I miss it

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