Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

20 August 2011

Beneath The Big Hair

A beautiful woman
With signature look
Big hair
Big earrings
Big smile
High heels
Very PR

This is so true
Like the picture I could not forget
When I was at the little age of five
A woman with power
Only wish you would show me the truth
That is why
I decided to know you

Beneath the big hair
Is a big secret
Is a big charm
Is a big lover
You want to be everybody's sweetheart
You want to live a high life
You want all the shining big diamonds
You want all the limited editions on
Hermes's handbags
Jimmy Choo's high heels
Chanel's and Dior's accessories
Victoria Secret's sexy lingerie
Giorgio Armani's perfume
All the fashion designers's pieces
Ferrari's latest sport car
Sotheby auction's fine wine
Antique paintings and other pieces
You want all the finest enjoyment in life
You want all the men's love and attention
You want all the unforgettable romance and fire
You want all

Beneath the big hair
Is a big pain
Is a big ego
Is a big mystery
You have been down the road before
Every time you see the familiar faces
You fall back into the same place again
You do not want to face the truth
How could you live such a life
Again and again
You make yourself busy
You make yourself loose
You make yourself look good
You make yourself resistance to all good

Beneath the big hair
Is a big heart
Is a big gift
Is a big love
You want to serve the world with many talents
You write, teach, speak, share in the world conference
You give back with many charity and foundation
You only keep an eye to the high road
All are possible
That with me
You only tell the truth
I believe in you
Because time will prove its truth

Beneath the Big Hair
I wish all your dream come true
Dream of Happiness
Dream of High Life
Dream of Designers' Labels
Dream of Love
Dream of Beauty
Dream that you know
It makes you smile inside out

Choose your dream
Beneath the Big Hair
Be careful of what you wish for
It may come true
Choose a moment of silence
Beneath the Big Hair
The world is inside you

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