Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

18 August 2011

A Missing Message

A missing message from The Source

I wish this missing message
Was attached to my body
When I come into this world

My dear
If you are ready to go into a body again
If you see any parents down there
that will expose you
to the lesson
you want to work on
This is the last piece
Of the missing message from me

Once you are down there in your body
Don't forget to pay attention to signposts
You won't be given more than anything
you could possibly deal with
If you want an extra responsibility
Please tell me now
You need to learn
To build as much as loving energy around you as possible
And stay plugged into your spiritual source

There will be time when you feel lost or in pain
But remember to ask for help
And listen carefully to your inner knowing
You will have whatever you need
to keep waking you up to your spiritual nature
So that you could bring that soul and spirit
Into everything you do

How do you know
If you shine
Happy for no reason
That's the answer
And pass on your love as a special gift 
to touch people's lives

You will be meeting lots of other people
Who are on the path
And just for the fun of it
They will look very different
From what you expect
But they will give you a chance
To show how much love
You can bring through

As far as my leadership role is concerned
At different stages
You may expect
Tons of attraction to play with
Tons of entertainment to play around
Tons of enjoyment to be indulged in
Tons of finest experience that you could ever asked for
Tons of love and passion that may fly you to the moon
(If you know what I mean)
Tons of emotions moving towards or away from your heart chakra
I promise
It's gonna to be exciting
perhaps liberating...
But remember
What you sign up for

It's going to be
not an easy mission
Every now and then
But you will not be alone
And you should know
You are totally responsible
For your own action
You will understand much more
When you come back here
It's up to you
If you decide for another ride or so
Depends on the queue you are in
Your current experience
Will impact your future experience
Depends on your expanded consciousness
Willingness and openness
And the love that you will shine through this time

Till then
Mission possible!
Have fun!

Do not miss me
Love you always
The Source

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