Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

27 August 2011

Guerilla Intelligence

I love this guy!
Jay Conrad Levinson
who is better known as
The Father of Guerilla Marketing
is such a marketing legend
His famous marketing consulting work
and all the Guerilla Marketing Tactic 3.0 series
have all once again
blown my mind away

His industry experience and insights
are all profound
His advice and consultation service
are sharp and focused
Effectiveness and efficiency
is his middle name

It's all about 
the understanding of 
how to cut through
the noise
and get in front of 
decision makers
for only one action
'The opportunity'
that most of us are looking for
is actually 
helping the decision makers
to solve problems

First thing first
Work on 
Personal Branding
Guerilla Style
that is to shape up 
your brand with attitude
And be upfront and personal

The Guerilla Strategy 
is always 
Think like a General
Execute like s Sergeant

Guerilla Intelligence
Guerilla marketing
Guerilla networking
Guerilla mindset
It's the winner's edge

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